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A. Our Screwdriver

1. How to charge the Screwdriver?
    In the package, you can find the USB cable, you can use it on the regular 5V DC power.
    Such as laptop, computer, mobile charger, portable battery, car charger, etc.

2. How long to full charge the Screwdriver?      
    It will need about 1-2 hours to full charge the Screwdriver from empty battery.

3. How long of the operating time?                    
    After full charge of the battery, GL-LEE01 can continue work about 40 minutes.
    GL-LEE02 can continue work about 80 minutes.

4. What's the torque of the Screwdriver             
    The maximum torque for GL-LEE01 is 2 Nm, for GL-LEE02 is 3 Nm in electric mode.
     And both of them are 10 Nm in manual mode.
     While the torque of the adult man is about 4-5 Nm.

5. What's the packing of the Screwdriver?         
   GoLee supply two packing ways, one is in Color carton + EVA packing, one is in Blister packing.
   You can choose the way you want.

6. What Bits of the regular packing?                   
   GoLee do three different standard packing:
   a. Blister Packing A: Tool: 1; USB Cable: 1; 110mm double-head long bits: 1
   b. Blister Packing B: Tool: 1; USB Cable: 1; 110mm double-head long bits: 1; 65mm double-head bits: 1; 50mm single-head bits: 2
   c. Color Carton + EVA Packing: Tool: 1; USB Cable: 1; 65mm double-head bits: 1

B. Order Questions
1. Can we buy one unit of Screwdriver?              
    GoLee is not a retailer. Please do NOT contact us if you are only buying for personal use.
    We are assuring you that sending 1 sample to your hands all the way from china is NOT cheap at all.

2. Can we do sample order?                                
    Sample order (can be 1 unit) is very welcome when it is for serious business start.
    We may insist the minimum quantity. Also, there will be the sample charge on each unit.

3. What's the minimum order?                              
    GoLee do minimum order of 500 units. 
4. How long is the deliver time?                            
    Delivery time will be in 15-25 days after your deposit.

5. Which is the loading port?                                
    Our loading port is Ningbo, China.

6. How to pack the screwdrivers?        
    10 pcs blister packages are in one small carton. 6 small cartons fit in one out carton.


1. Can we order the Screwdriver with our logo?  
    Yes, Golee can do the Screwdriver with your OEM logo and your own item no.
    Minimum order of the OEM Screwdriver is 3000 pcs

2. Can we choose the color of the Screwdriver?   
    Yes, Golee can do with your pointed color beside our regular Black, Blue, Red.
    Minimum order of the OEM Color Screwdriver is 2000 pcs 

3. Can we do OEM of the package?                      
    Yes, Golee accept your own design of the package.
    Minimum order of the OEM package is 500 pcs